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Welcome to the Louisiana Accelerator Center at UL Lafayette!

The Louisiana Accelerator Center (LAC) at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is recognized as a Research Center by the Louisiana Board of Regents with active research programs emphasizing biomaterials analysis, microfabrication and high energy focused ion beam system development.

The Center has more than 12,000 sq. ft. of laboratory, machine shop and office space and has a large research equipment inventory including a National Electrostatics Corporation 5SDH-2 1.7 MV tandem PelletronR accelerator with duoplasmatron, radio-frequency and cesium sputtering negative ion sources, an Oxford Microbeam Systems triplet lens ion beam focusing system and a JEOL (model 6460LV) Scanning Electron Microscope. Three beamlines on the PelletronR accelerator are used for ion beam analysis, ion beam modification, and high energy focused ion beam microscopy to provide a variety of ion beam techniques. Research and applications of ion beams are the main activities at the LAC.